Earn 10% stable interest on your
business savings account.


Grow your Savings  
Certificate of Deposit Accounts


Minimum Opening Deposit: $100,000
Annual percentage yield (APY): 9.45% - 11.25% 
Additional deposits allowed?
Early withdrawal penalty? None

Kash Treasury Accounts offer stable Certificate of Deposits (CDs) based on UST, a digital dollar stablecoin, deposited in the Anchor Protocol to generate a secure and stable high-yield interest rate of 10%.


Concierge Services

  • Schedule screenshare calls to walk through ACH/wiring to your Kash account

  • Personal Kash associate who works directly for you for every transaction

  • Receive option to designate beneficiary information


Earn Rewards
Reserved For Your Exclusive Status

  • Automatically qualify for maximum interest boosts for the year

  • Receive exclusive invitations to events and our private lounge

  • Move to the front of the waitlist for a free debit card with no monthly fees


Feel At Ease With
Phishing-Proof Security

  • Our team verifies business withdrawals with multiple employees

  • Count on a personal associate who works directly for you on every transaction

  • Authorize others to sign your paperwork

  • Receive AES-256 end-to-end encrypted emails that self-sanitize 


Send And Receive International Payments
For less than $1 fee

  • Free transfers between Kash Business accounts. No limit.

  • Multi-currency accounts allow you to send and receive funds in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and CNY at the interbank exchange rate 

  • Multiple accounts can be added for your business requirements


Schedule a call today to learn more about how Kash Treasury can fortify your company's treasury.

Market Overview

Intellabridge is directly linked with decentralized finance to provide customers with access to the type of yields not accessible in the traditional banking world. This decentralized financial lending pool in the $5 billion Terra global ecosystem has over $1 billion UST of Total Value Locked (TVL).


Anchor Protocol data as of July 14, 2021. For more information please visit anchorprotocol.com/dashboard

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Your Kash is secured
by the blockchain

Kash Treasury accounts come with SecurePass OAuth 2.0 Token Authentication. Businesses will also have an option to require live video call verification with government identification and security question screening as a prerequisite for substantial withdrawals.
Kash Treasury can also institute multi-employee verification for withdrawals as well to prevent individual bad actors.

Customize your security settings to fit your corporate requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?

Can I withdraw at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw at any time.

How often does my account grow?

Every minute. That’s the power of decentralized finance.

Is this legal?

Yes, Intellabridge is a publicly traded company on the Canadian stock exchange and are regulated by the CSE and IIROC.

Are my funds insured?

Yes, we have a combination of various insurance options we can discuss when you contact us.

Still have questions? Contact our support → 

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Kash is a product of Intellabridge, a public company.


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